Latent finger mark recovery and DNA retrieval

Latent finger mark recovery and DNA retrieval

Latent finger mark recovery and DNA retrieval

The Metropolitan Police Service UK in association with Kings Imperial College London have pioneered research on using ISOMARK for casting finger marks and simultaneously retrieving the DNA from the mark.

Unlike many other casting materials, ISOMARK has been specifically formulated for forensic applications and does not damage the original mark. It is dimensionally stable and good quality DNA is obtainable from the recovered marks.

Having a finger mark with the associated DNA brings together two very powerful forms of evidence.

ISOMARK replica of a superglue treated finger mark from the barrel of a shotgun.


Isomark has been used to recover finger marks and associated DNA on the following difficult substrates:

  • cold aluminium cans
  • light bulbs
  • coins
  • plastic water bottles
  • latent finger marks on burnt out vehicles
  • shotgun barrels
Untreated ISOMARK replica of a finger mark from the side of a drinking glass.


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