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The ISOMARK System

Isomark compounds are fast curing silicone impression materials, developed specifically for forensic applications.They enable a wide range of marks and features to be faithfully recorded as forensic evidence, from most types of surface.

The Isomark systems consists of 3 elements:

  1. Dispensing Guns
    These are high quality items and are fully re-usable.
  2. Isomark Cartridges
    These are two part cartridges with the base material in one side and the catalyst in the other. Cartridges have an unopened shelf life of 15 months. There are various compounds available for different applications and situations.
  3. Mixing Nozzles
    These nozzles mix together the two components of the cartridge during the dispensing procedure and ensure air-free mixing and minimum wastage of material during application.

The following system sizes are available. A 495ml System is available on request:

Each system has its own dedicated dispensing gun, cartridge and mixing nozzles. These 3 elements are not interchangeable between systems.